Top 5 Exciting Things To Do In Bangkok In 2023

Top 5 Exciting Things To Do In Bangkok In 2023

Get ready to be enchanted if Thailand is your next travel destination. Here is a checklist of the best things to do in Bangkok, Thailand, which will make your trip even more impressive than it already is! But, of course, the frosting on the cake is the group of unique islands around the mainland. In addition, Thailand has an endless variety of activities and destinations. Whether interested in history, architecture, gastronomy, nightlife, culture, or simply a beach vacation, Thailand will not disappoint you. Here is a list of five locations and activities you must include in your schedule when visiting Bangkok, Thailand.

Top 5 Things To Do In Bangkok 

What are the finest things to do in Bangkok while on vacation? These are some of the most amazing things to do in Bangkok, whether you’re traveling with friends or prefer to explore on your own:

  1. Floating Markets 

You must enjoy shopping in Bangkok’s floating marketplaces. These traditionally organized floating marketplaces on boats provide a sneak peek into the manner of life in the area. Boats are crammed to the gills with all manner of retail goods. But, of course, that might imply that once you get in the boat, you can only leave if you make a purchase.

  1. Elephant Show 

Most regions of Thailand, including Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Pattaya, etc., regularly host elephant shows. You may watch the enormous beast dance, play harp, hula hoop, shoot hoops, kick soccer balls into goals, and more throughout these performances. Watching this spectacular, action-packed elephant spectacle will make you feel delighted!

  1. Thai Village Cultural Show

You should visit the Thai Village Cultural Show to understand more about Thai culture and heritage. Sword fighting, a traditional Thai wedding, a Thai boxing battle, and a traditional finger-nail dance are all part of the Rose Garden performance. This is a quick way to learn about Thai culture in a few short hours.

  1. Koh Kret Island 

The tiny island of Koh Kret was made artificially and dated back over 300 years. It provides a beautiful getaway for a wonderful day excursion from Bangkok. However, weekend trips to this island are much more enjoyable. Its renowned weekend market is bustling with activity, making weekend shopping there one of the greatest things to do in Bangkok.

  1. Tiger Temple

Have you ever considered capturing a selfie with the big cat? Well, when you’re in Thailand, anything is possible. For example, there are no cages at the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, where the monks nurture tigers as a popular tourist destination. Without cage bars, you can observe the tigers exercising daily and the young cubs being fed. You can also walk with the wild tigers if this doesn’t excite you enough.

Final Words

So, it’s time to call your friends or your loved ones and travel to Bangkok because there are countless things to do around Thailand. So, plan to travel to Thailand soon to take in everything it offers.

Top 6 Best Places To Visit on New Year’s Eve In North India

Top 6 Best Places To Visit on New Year’s Eve In North India

So, when the clocks strike midnight on December 31, 2022, where in North India is the greatest spot to be? Do you have a hankering to travel? Then pack your luggage and get ready to celebrate this New Year by visiting some of North India’s most popular New Year destinations.

Top 6 Best Places To Visit on New Year’s Eve In North India

  1. Pushkar 

Pushkar, known for its desert landscape and camel rides, is unquestionably an unusual place to visit. Pushkar is a place in Rajasthan that offers a lot of exciting experiences, from shopping areas to forts and camel safaris. You can also enjoy the royal way of life and the rural atmosphere in Pushkar, where there are also some fantastic New Year’s Eve celebrations.

  1. Gangtok

Although it might not have the happening parties, its natural beauty will undoubtedly take your breath away. Gangtok is the ideal location for a nice relaxing trip and to celebrate the New Year in style because of its surrounding lush greenery.

  1. Kasol

Kasol’s beauty will make you feel high, and there is always some type of cheerful, colorful feeling in the city. You have the option of ringing in 2023 in Kasol by attending hippy gatherings or by relaxing by a bonfire beside your camp under the stars.

  1. Varanasi

People who want to embrace spirituality and positively begin the new year should visit this location. Varanasi is a great place to experience spirituality within your budget. A boat ride across the Ganga is another option that is offered by all Varanasi guest hotels.

  1. Auli 

For this New Year, Auli is a must-visit if you’ve always wanted to take a vacation in the snowy countryside. The area is well-known for its numerous skiing slopes in addition to the breathtaking panoramic splendor of the snow-capped mountains.

  1. Shimla 

Enjoy a relaxing vacation by traveling to Shimla this new year. Enjoy the crowds and ridges as they celebrate the new year. Visit the churches, stroll hand in hand with your special someone over Shimla’s blanket of snow, or sit by the fire with a hot cup of coffee and take in the view of snowflakes falling. Skiing is a great activity here.

Top 5 Free Things To Do In London: Christmas 2022

Top 5 Free Things To Do In London: Christmas 2022

December can be a pricey month, especially in London. So take advantage of these fun and festive free things to do in London during Christmas if you’re seeking ways to cut costs and celebrate the holiday in style in the city. So, let’s move ahead to what are the free things you can do in London this Christmas holiday.

Top 5 Free Things To Do In London: Christmas 2022

  1. See the London Christmas lights

The many Christmas light shows in London start to turn on in early November, and entry is free. Explore districts like Carnaby, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Regent Street, and others after dark to see London at its most merry and sparkling. Consider taking a bus for a few extra pounds for an even better way to see the lights.

  1. Wander around London’s Christmas markets

In London, there are several Christmas markets and fairs to visit, many of which offer free entry. But, of course, you’ll have to part with money if anything tempts you or if you want to warm yourself with a mulled wine.

  1. Admire the Ever After Garden

As the Ever After Garden returns to Mayfair this winter, more than 20,000 sparkling roses will again illuminate Grosvenor Square. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, it gives Londoners a place to celebrate lost loved ones and offers the chance to donate a rose for a minimum payment of £10 to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Visitation is free, however, because it benefits a good cause; think about giving a few pounds if you can.

  1. Sparkle in the Park

London is awash in light festivals this time of year, but some of them can be very expensive. But Sparkle in the Park, a free light trail for Royal Borough of Greenwich residents that runs over four evenings at Well Hall Pleasaunce Park in Eltham. Despite being free, the event requires tickets, which go on sale on November 1. Remember that only residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich are allowed to attend.

  1. See the snowfall in Covent Garden

Covent Garden showers snow daily in December leading up to the big day. Nevertheless, it’s a part of the Christmas in Covent Garden celebrations, which begin on November 8 with the Christmas tree lighting and lights.

Top 5 Places To Visit On New Year 2023 In India On Budget

Top 5 Places To Visit On New Year 2023 In India On Budget

Everyone is considering a destination to start the new year off strong as the new year is quickly approaching. You already have images of wild celebrations, public drinking, and raves in your head. But with all the fun you want this New Year’s Eve, why limit yourself to crowded spaces?

Instead, we advise you to travel and discover the world to welcome the new year with a spirited and hearty welcome. And don’t worry if the costs are your main concern because we have created an awesome list of inexpensive locations to visit in India that will fulfill your fantasies.

Top 5 Budget Destinations In India To Welcome New Year 2023 

Make an effort to have your wishes granted. But instead, look at this list of the finest venues to spend less money on while celebrating the new year in India.

  1. Goa

What better place to welcome the new year with a bang than the nation’s party hub? There are many fascinating ways to welcome the new year, from roaring nightclub events to boho beach parties. Goa has it all: beaches, resorts, hills, bars, and cruises. It is indeed one of India’s trendiest places to celebrate the new year.

  1. Lakshadweep

The ideal New Year’s trip activities in 2023 include deep sea diving, coral reef exploration, kayaking, and yacht sailing. And one of the top destinations in India for New Year celebrations in 2023 is the Lakshadweep group of islands. If the large lagoons fail to move you, the dances of Kolkali and Parichakali will definitely do so. But that’s not all, either. Lakshadweep is the ideal place to celebrate the new year in 2023.

  1. Diu

Prepare for a night of fun on New Year’s Eve 2023 in one of the inexpensive locations in India by learning to paraglide, surf, dive, parasail, and windsurf. Lay on the Diu island’s yellow sands and swim in the clear seas at Nagoa beach. Diu provides you with every kind of excitement at incredibly low prices. The wild atmosphere makes this place the greatest venue in India to celebrate the new year.

  1. Varanasi

Varanasi is the finest place to go on New Year’s in India to wash away any sins one may have committed in previous years if one is looking to embrace the spiritual side of the celebrations. One of the nation’s holiest cities, Varanasi or Banaras, is a terrific site to experience spirituality for free; all that is required is a willing body and an unclouded mind. When visiting Varanasi, one could also consider taking a boat ride, which practically all of the guest rooms there provide.

  1. Pondicherry

The variety of activities available in Pondicherry turns it into a dreamland, from bicycling on the beaches to having fun at rooftop cafes. The former French capital is an affordable spot to travel to on New Year’s Day in India and offers plenty of inspiration for a wonderful New Year. Pondicherry’s tranquility and peace make it one of the best locations in India to welcome the new year.

Top 5 Places To Go For Christmas Celebration In Goa

Top 5 Places To Go For Christmas Celebration In Goa

There is enough colonial architecture in Goa to keep you interested. Locates that ooze old-world elegance are the Archbishop’s Palace, Penha de Franca, Viceroy’s Gate, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. Below you will find the top destinations in Goa throughout the holiday season!

Top 5 Places To Go For Christmas Celebration In Goa

  1. Old Goa

Old Goa is a favorite at Christmas because of its fading beauty. People from all over the world gather at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi to see the pope’s mortal remains, making it the site of attraction.

Other famous buildings that must be seen in Old Goa include the Chapel of St. Catherine, the Se Cathedral from the 16th to the 17th century, and the domed Church of St. Cajetan, modeled after St. Peter’s in Rome.

  1. Anjuna Beach

Think Curlies, Shiva Valley, and Anjuna. This location, arguably the most lively in North Goa, is well known for its rave parties and trendy crowd. So it makes sense why this is considered one of the top Goa locations on Christmas Eve.

  1. Clubbing/Partying Hotspots

In Goa, clubbing is the best activity. And you can visit the city’s hot club before the Goa Christmas party or New Year’s Eve. The Goa Club’s electric vibrations are one element that makes it unique. Around the holidays and the New Year, Goa is constantly bursting with happy people who love to party and want to immerse themselves in the celebrations fully.

In Goa, Club Cabana in Arpora, Tito’s Lane at Baga Beach, and the beachside shacks at Anjuna Beach are a few clubs that are well-liked throughout the holiday season.

  1. Beach Shacks

On Goa’s coastline, numerous shacks await an occasion to dress up and celebrate. Christmas Eve in Goa is undoubtedly a fantastic time to host one! No matter which well-known beach you decide to visit on this day, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a rowdy crowd bopping their heads to loud music, beach shacks illuminated in colors and lights, and the aroma of food being cooked over an open flame.

If you love to party, the energy in the beach shacks in Goa around Christmas will drive you mad. The celebration won’t end before morning, which is the finest part!

  1. Restaurants

Goa also has something unique in store for you if you like to eat to party! You can come to many locations in Goa that hold special Christmas dinner buffets in inexpensive packages and indulge in mouthwatering Goan cuisine to your heart’s delight.

Most countries’ live shows, music, and other festivities typically accompany the dinner arrangement. It’s the best Christmas activity you can enjoy with your loved ones or spouse in Goa without losing out on the festivities.

Top 8 Best Christmas Towns in the USA

Top 8 Best Christmas Towns in the USA

The thrill of holiday decorations is remarkable. There are many reasons to visit some of the best Christmas towns in the USA, whether you’re going home to visit family and are looking forward to seeing the 25-foot tree lit up in your town square, or you’re traveling alone this year to a seasonal destination and are prepared to be greeted with holiday cheer. In light of this, we’ve compiled five of the country’s top holiday spots for you to visit in December.

  1. Breckenridge, Colorado

As the ski season ramps up around the holidays, Breckenridge comes alive. This vacation destination walks a narrow line between excitement and low stress. December is filled with celebrations, from the Christmas tree lighting to the half-mile footrace where all competitors must wear Santa Claus costumes. Apres-ski options in Breckenridge are equally delightful, from the house-brewed beers at Breckenridge Brewing to the martinis and Colorado beer flights at Base 9 Bar.

  1. Lewisburg, West Virginia

Holidays in the Lewisburg region are centered around The Greenbrier. The resort from the 18th century lavishly decorates the foyer. The town is quiet and dimly lit outside the hotel, with seasonal decorations and understated attractions.

  1. Beaufort, North Carolina

In this Outer Banks community, winter weather doesn’t start until January, so the Christmas season is an excellent time to take a boat tour or paddle a kayak along Taylor’s Creek. The Crystal Coast Christmas Flotilla, a boat parade decorated with glittering lights that takes place the first weekend in December, is one of the greatest holiday festivities.

  1. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Although there isn’t much of a winter season in this coastal hamlet in California, the brisk air makes the nearby wine region and the pounding waves seem even more alluring. The early December calm makes it easier to grab a table at local restaurants like La Bicyclette and Flying Fish Grill. Carmel has its tree lighting, which involves lighting a sizable resident tree at the intersection of Junipero and Ocean avenues.

  1. Park City, Utah

In this Utah mountain community, the holiday season welcomes tremendous wattage, both star-powered and otherwise. Park City celebrates with the annual Electric Parade and the lighting of its famous tree in late November. In addition, the gingerbread display at Stein Eriksen Lodge will be a hit with children and sweets lovers of all ages.

  1. Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

In this community in northwest Florida, the start of the peak season falls during the holiday season. Therefore, it’s a terrific spot to look for presents for everyone on your list. Shop classic pearl necklaces and earrings at Shimmering Seas Jewelry and cookbooks that are ideal for display at Kitchen Garden Books & Antiques while exploring Santa Rosa.

  1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe has always been distinctive, and the city’s Christmas customs further demonstrate this. The Canyon Road Farolito Walk, lights by erecting a trail of tiny lanterns that illuminates the town, is the most gorgeous. And even though you might picture adobe structures and deserts, you can enjoy a White Christmas in Santa Fe by traveling to the ski resort in the Rocky Mountains, Ski Santa Fe.

  1. Healdsburg, California

The quaint Sonoma County town of Healdsburg, California, is well-known for its excellent dining establishments and even better wines. Visit Aperture Cellars for the vista, which is lovely year-round, and Flowers Vineyards & Winery for the pinot noir. Grab a few bottles at Faust if you can travel to Napa. Then, stay the night at the Montage Healdsburg, where the festive ambiance, glowing trees, and crackling fireplaces make you feel festive.