There are numerous climate zones in our world, and for those of you who like it hot, there is nothing like bright sun and warm nights. If you’re a heat seeker on a quest for the perfect summer getaway, stop right here! Here’s a sizzling list of the 10 hottest places on Earth, along with what makes them burn and the fiery experiences they offer

  1. Death Valley, California, USA: The holder of the title ‘world’s hottest’ has the record of the highest temperature in the world that is 56.7°C (134°F) in 1913. This desert valley is a hot and dry location that features arid plains, large sand mounds, and saline plains, which makes it suitable for people who can endure heat. For hikers of Death Valley, the journey is in hiking through this harsh terrain to see the beautiful sights such as the lowest altitude point in North America known as Badwater Basin or the sculpted rocks of Zabriskie Point.


  1. Kebili, Tunisia: The town of Kebili rises from the middle of the Sahara desert, and the climate is characterized by extremely high temperatures in summer exceeding 55 degrees Celsius (131 Fahrenheit). This old town gives a feel of the desert region through the palm trees, traditional circulation structures, and the opportunity to have the feel of the desert through the safari. Apart from the 4×4 desert safari to the dunes, Kebili offers travelers a cultural experience where one can get to see and learn about the local dress code, the κεffieh, and get to taste local food such as bricka, a pastry stuffed with meat or seafood.


  1. Turbat, Pakistan: This city is located in Balochistan province, and this area is well known for high temperatures, with temperatures often exceeding 53°C (128.7°F). Turbat has a rich cultural element, and it is quite interesting to see how people developed to survive in such a climatic environment. The visitors can do this firsthand by visiting a colorful Thursday Bazaar or driving along the Makran Coastal Highway with gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea.


  1. Lut Desert, Iran: This huge lowland area includes Dasht-e Lut, called by some satellite temperature measurements the hottest place on the planet. Though the official ground temperatures have not been as high as those recorded in Death Valley, Lut Desert can boast of its hot reputation. It boasts spectacular calderas and extraordinary rock patterns known as yardangs, which have been carved by blistering winds. Visiting the Lut Desert is strictly prohibited without a permit and escort because of the harsh climate. For those who dare enter, they will be met with some of the largest star-shaped sand formations called Keluts and the desolate beauty of this wasteland.


  1. Dallol, Ethiopia: This volcanic region situated in the Danakil Depression is not just hot but is uniquely extraordinary. A location with colorful acidic hot springs, geysers, and fuming fumaroles that are significantly over 40°C (104°F). Dallol is a geologist’s paradise and an extraordinary thermal wonderland. Even getting to Dallol is a sort of a story since it can be accessed only through crossing incredibly hot desert. However, the view of this otherworldly environment, which is painted in the shades of yellow, green, and orange, is worth it.


  1. El Azizia, Libya: This small town also set the record of the highest temperature ever recorded in Africa in 1922 with a record high of 58°C (136°F). El Azizia shows traditional Libyan architecture with adobe houses as well as a different pace of life comparing to the cities. For the adventurous, the large area of the Wadi Faregh system of dry valleys with beautiful rocks are diversions from the hot town core.


  1. Dallol, Ethiopia: The area is not only hot in terms of climate and geology but also has a rich history. Originally, it was a potash mining outpost, and the harsh climate demanded that the town be abandoned. Old mining equipment and crumbling structures that litter the landscape capture people’s fight against the forces of nature.


  1. Titul, Pakistan: Titul is a town situated in the Sindh province of Pakistan where summers are extremely hot, with temperatures as high as 50°C (122 °F). It is an agricultural town which provides an opportunity to observe the remnants of the prehistoric Indus Valley civilization and numerous archaeological sites. Some of the sites of interest include the Makli Necropolis that has been accredited as a World Heritage Site through UNESCO and the mord-era decorated tombs of the Sindh rulers.


  1. Kebili, Tunisia : Apart from the extreme temperature, Kebili and its surroundings offer an opportunity to visit the Chott el Djerid – the Great Salt Lake of Tunisia, where a multitude of photographers and nature lovers can take astonishing sunrise and sunset shots.


  1. Lut Desert, Iran : The Lut Desert extends beyond hot temperatures; it is also the perfect location for anyone who loves stargazing. The sky in Lut Desert is as clear as could be owing to the lack of artificial lights and dry weather and is filled with billions of stars along with the Milky Way galaxy.

Thus, for those who love the heat and the spirit of the search for hot places, this selection will provide a perfect start. Thus, it is important to know that preparation and protection are always necessary while attempting to traverse these areas. However, for the traveler who is willing to take the heat and visit the hot destinations of our world, the experience is unique.