In the rapidly shifting and multifarious world, certain regions are undoubtedly distinguished for their unique sense of utmost security. Let’s brief the top 10 safest spots on the planet according to the newest Global Peace Index (GPI).

  1. Iceland


This volcanic island nation of the North Atlantic remains on top, giving safety guidelines and instructions. While the country has some stunning glaciers and geothermal abilities, Iceland also is very laid back with almost zero crime rates, applying social justice and equality. It is the inner core of Iceland’s security that relies on its small, homogenous population, remote location with no major conflicts, and very strong social cohesion and welfare system.


  1. Denmark


Denmark’s safety formula is the perfect mix of multi-ingredients. The country has a high standard of living, with good education and healthcare that are readily available. The stable and open government, in conjunction with a calm and peaceful political environment, allows the citizens to have faith and a feeling of being secured. Denmark takes social stability and the resolution of conflicts as its big advantage, which is a solid foundation of the country’s global leadership in safety.


  1. Ireland


The Emerald Isle’s friendly reputation is not only about creating a slogan for tourists. The Global Peace Index (GPI) places Ireland in a higher position than it was in the last few years. The country has a low crime rate, and its citizens are known for their warmth and hospitality. This improvement is due to constant endeavors for social stability that are based on the restorative justice and community policing principles.


  1. New Zealand

New Zealand

Along with its world-famous natural splendor, New Zealand’s social fabric is also awe-inspiring. Like Iceland, New Zealand has a low level of crimes; however, the most violent crimes included. Community connection and volunteerism that come with social responsibility are other important elements. Being isolated on the far side of the geopolitical axis, New Zealand is so shielded, allowing it to enjoy a rather peaceful environment.


  1. Austria


Hidden between the grand mountains of the Alps, Austria represents the perfect peacefulness and security. The country has many advantages, among them a high standard of living, good economy, and well-developed social services. Austria’s status as a safe haven in the international community is bolstered by its long tradition of neutrality and its efforts to peacefully solve disagreements.


  1. Singapore


This island country in Southeast Asia is a haven for safety. Singapore has a very efficient law enforcement system and stringent gun control regulations, which thus result in exceptional rates of crime. Through its ongoing efforts for economic development and social stability, the country is able to create an environment that is conducive to its people.


  1. Portugal


Discover the pleasures of the sun and meditation in Portugal. This Iberian country with the low crime rate and the relaxed, warm environment. The social safety net of Portugal and its restorative justice system leads the country to a high state of security. Additionally, its geographical location on the west edge of Europe also matters, since it keeps it away from major geopolitical tensions.


  1. Slovenia


Located between the Julian Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, Slovenia itself can be a perfect setting for peace. This tiny Central European state is the nation with the best social welfare and is remarkably socially cohesive. Slovenia’s international cooperation is proof of its neutrality and a key to its image as a safe place to live.


  1. Japan


Be part of an unusual combination of tradition and sensitivity in Japan. A small state like this is well-known for its low rates of crime, especially those related to violence. Authority is always respected, and the community enjoys a strong sense of responsibility, which together produces a cohesive environment that is safe and secure.


  1. Switzerland


The country is also well-known for its stunning landscapes and chocolate. The country has been characterized by a stable political climate and neutrality for a long time. Switzerland has a solid economy and ample social care guarantees a high standard of living for its people. Furthermore, the political organization of Switzerland in a decentralized way creates a feeling of local responsibility and ownership, thus adding to the general stability.


Why These Places?

These top contenders share a common recipe for safety:

  • Low Crime Rates: Low levels of violent crime and property crime, which are the most important characteristic of these safe places.
  • Strong Social Cohesion: Community feeling, great social safety nets, and a high level of trust for institutions are very important for improving the well-being of a nation.
  • Political Stability: Governments with a steady hand and a dedication to the peaceful resolution of conflicts enable an atmosphere for security.
  • High Quality of Life: Education, healthcare, and economic opportunities are the keys that equalize the relations and create a general feeling of safety.


Why it Matters?

Safety is the basic human instinct. Knowing that there are such “islands of peace” on our planet gives hope for a more tranquil future. Realizing the factors that promote safety helps us to work towards similar improvements in other regions as well.

The GPI list is a list that is continuously being updated in solidarity with all efforts for global peace. Encouraging these sanctuaries not only recognizes the gains made so far but also underlines the hope for a safer place for everyone. These nations of peace flow a light of hope and prove what is possible if social justice, strong institutions, and commitment to peace are at the foreground.