In the era of remote work, the lifestyle of digital nomads has become the mainstream option for many professionals. The freedom to work from anywhere rapidly increases in cities offering good Wifi, engaging culture, an alluring climate, and much more. If you want to balance work and travel on a budget, here are the five best cities for digital nomads in 2023. 

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Affordable Paradise

One of the most reputed budget-friendly destinations is Chiang Mai, a haven for digital nomads. This beautiful city in Northern Thailand offers a low cost of living, accommodations, food and transportation at very reasonable prices to enjoy a fulfilled lifestyle. 

The local street markets offer delicious local cuisine at affordable prices. The Doi Suthep Temple and nearby attractions offer free and reasonable leisure activities. 

  1. Medellín, Colombia: A Thriving Hub in Latin America

Medellín, once known for its turbulent past, has transformed into a thriving digital nomad destination in Latin America. With its warm climate and friendly locals, this Colombian city offers an excellent quality of life at a fraction of the cost compared to Western countries.

The coworking scene in Medellín is flourishing, with places like Selina Medellín and Atom House providing affordable options for remote workers. Public transportation is budget-friendly, and you can explore the city’s museums, parks, and neighbourhoods without breaking the bank. The local gastronomy is also affordable, with street food and local restaurants serving delicious meals at affordable prices.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal: European Charm without the High Costs

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, is rapidly becoming a hotspot for digital nomads seeking a European experience without the high price tag. The city’s picturesque architecture, lively atmosphere, and proximity to stunning beaches make it an alluring destination.

Coworklisboa and Impact Hub Lisbon are coworking spaces offering budget-friendly memberships with excellent amenities. In your free time, explore the city’s historic sites, take in breathtaking views from viewpoints, and indulge in Portugal’s famous pastries, which will satisfy your wallet.

  1. Siem Reap, Cambodia: Unveiling Ancient Wonders on a Budget

Siem Reap is not just the gateway to the glorious Angkor Wat temple complex; it is also a digital nomad’s dream destination with its low cost of living. This Cambodian city offers an beautiful blend of culture and adventure without harming your finances.

With coworking spaces like AngkorHUB and The 1961 Coworking and Art Space, you can comfortably work and connect with other like-minded nomads. While exploring the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat, you can also try cheap local street food and experience the magic of the bustling Night Market.

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam: An Asian Gem on a Shoestring Budget

Vietnam’s bustling capital, Hanoi, is an Asian gem for budget-conscious digital nomads. The city is known for its bustling street markets, rich history, and vibrant culture, offering an immersive experience on budget.

Coworking spaces like Toong and UP offer cost-effective memberships with modern amenities and a community of remote workers. In your free time, walk through the Old Quarter, taste the delicious Vietnamese cuisine at local eateries, and take advantage of the city’s low-cost transportation to explore nearby attractions.


These five reasonably priced locations are best to balance work and travel on a budget as the digital nomad lifestyle in 2023. Accept the flexibility of remote work, acquaint yourself with various cultures, and travel to beautiful locations while keeping an eye on your budget. No matter which location you select—the budget-friendly paradise of Chiang Mai, the dynamic metropolis of Medellin, the European allure of Lisbon, the historical treasures of Siem Reap, or the Asian gem of Hanoi—these places guarantee an outstanding experience without breaking the bank. Happy wandering!