Earth is wrapped with landscapes, cultures, and experiences that vary tremendously. Those who yearn for leaving everything behind and be in nature without any connection to people. in the most unusual places. Such isolated places attract these adventurous minds with an invisible force. Here, we reveal 8 incredibly remote and beautiful places on Earth, each offering something special for different tastes.

  1. Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic Ocean

The island is appropriately nicknamed the “most remote inhabited island” and houses about 200 souls. This volcanic island chain is endowed with amazing scenery, rich wildlife (penguins and more), and allows one to return to a small community. Suppose you start your day welcomed by the noise of the breaking waves, then you hike volcanoes covered with birds and the night sky is lit up just by the stars without being washed out by artificial light pollution.


  1. Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island’s enigmatic Moai statues remains mysterious and exude an air of enigma. The limited tourist infrastructure on the island simply helps you to think about the statues and the island’s crude beauty in total silence. The chance to walk around the volcanic Rano Raraku crater with the hundreds of Moai at different stages of creation, contemplates the meaning and story behind these ancient artifacts.


  1. Kerguelen Islands, Southern Indian Ocean

The Kerguelen Islands are also called the “Desolation Islands” that are a subantarctic archipelago known for its isolation and stunning, otherworldly appearance. Here we have massive glaciers moving towards the sea, deeply rooted volcanoes reaching up to the sky, and big bird colonies that turn the black sand beaches white. This is the place for passionate wilderness seekers who are looking for a chance to experience a pristine land that is free of any human interference.


  1. The Empty Quarter, Rub’ al Khali, Saudi Arabia

The Empty Quarter, also known as the Rub’ al Khali, is one of the largest deserts in the world, occupying most of the Arabian Peninsula. Here, silence is the sovereign, one has the opportunity of meeting the startling beauty of this dread silence of the boundless wheel of sand. In the olden days, camel drivers plied their trade on these unforgiving sands, and you can join the caravans on a similar journey as you travel through the landscape shaped by wind and time.


  1. Oymyakon, Russia

Within the depths of the Siberian wilderness, there is a small village-Oymyakon, which has become notorious for being one of the chilliest inhabited places on Earth. Here temperatures are often under -60°C (-76°F). Despite severe conditions, a small community thrives there. A way of life that is unique and is closely adjusted to overcome the Siberian winter – the severity of which is a testament to the human adaptability.


  1. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

On the east coast of Greenland, the settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit is small but is surrounded by a beautiful environment. Here, whooping mountains stand mesmerizing in front of the glaciers touching the icy fjords proclaiming a spectacular scenery. Experience live Inuit culture and discover that for them dog sledding is an everyday thing and lose yourself in the outstanding natural beauty of North Pole.


  1. The Changtang, Tibet

Usually called “the roof of the world”, Changtang is the highest plateau that is located in Tibet. The small population of this region lives off nomadic herding and is the habitat to wildlife specifically adapted to the harsh conditions here. See the yak herding tradition of centuries be at work and contemplate at the never-ending sight of snow-peaked mountains hovering over the horizon.


  1. Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

Situated at the northernmost point of permanent settlement on the whole planet, Longyearbyen features a juxtaposition of remoteness and modern conveniences. Have a chance to travel about the stunning Arctic tundra on snowmobiles or dog sleds, experience the majestic Northern Lights bring colors all over the sky, and explore the unusual difficulties and ways of life in this extreme environment.

This is just a peek into the never-ending variety of the remote corners of the world. Keep in mind that the further off the beaten track you travel, the more likely that advanced planning and logistical thinking are needed. Make sure to research about the transportation, about legal permits, and that you bring enough supplies and equipment before heading out, these will help to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

But, having the adventurous travelers in mind who are looking for escaping and who want to experience something extraordinary, the rewards of venturing off the beaten track are boundless. It is impossible to imagine just looking up at the sky glittered with stars without any trace of light pollution, and it gives breathtaking feeling to watch wildlife in their natural habitat. Off-the-beaten-path spots help us disconnect from urban madness, understand different ways and create indelible memories.

The mystique of being by oneself is not just confined to the tourist hot spots. The earth still houses some wild spaces just waiting for us to explore them. Picture yourself walking through uncharted rainforests full of unseen plants and animals or following the traces of ancient caravan across a barren landscapes. The processes required for such missions involve a lot of planning, expertise and an intrepid taste, but the returns can be immeasurable.

It has to be acknowledged that the same features that bring seclusion at the same time bring instability to these places. Untouched ecosystems and indigenous cultures are usually the most affected by the increasing threats. Sustainable tourism practices and giving priority to local communities are of importance in such an isolated place just to ensure that it will be explored a generation later. As such, approach them with gentleness, immerse yourself in the local culture, and just leave your footmark when you stumble upon these unique places in the world.