Traveling abroad requires a lot of planning. There is plenty to do before deciding on the ideal time, place, occasion, and destination. This includes locating the best hotels and airline savings and selecting from your lengthy trip bucket list. Budget, however, is the one element that affects all of these others. Hence, to facilitate preparation, we’ve compiled a list of 10 affordable Asian nations that tilt the scales thanks to their favorable exchange rates. You can get more for your money here than elsewhere because these nations’ currencies are weaker than the Indian rupee.

Top 5 Cheap Places to Visit in Asia in 2023

  1. Vietnam 

Travelers should expect a dazzling bunch of shocks in Vietnam. There are incredible temples, weird rice terraces, and around 3,000 kilometers of tropical shoreline. Ho Chi Min’s tunnels take you on a historical tour through the nation, while the city’s numerous bars and eateries give you a taste of the local fare and culture. The spectacular karst mountains with their caverns, sinkholes, and water bodies that snake through the valley are another sight that should be witnessed.

1 rupee = 287.85 dong

  1. Laos

Visit Laos to branch out from the typical vacation options in Thailand and Vietnam. This country in Southeast Asia is emerald in splendor, with tea plantations and clear rivers. You’ll be completely cut off from the view of concrete jungles at the Four Thousand Islands archipelago on the Mekong river, where all that is seen is rock and water. Also, there are numerous national parks and forests for hiking. The streets of Luang Prabang’s city are lined with wats and temples, as well as numerous boutique hotels and French-style buildings.

1 rupee = 205.77 kip

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a cool spot for a nation on the Pacific Rim of Fire; visitors can see the country’s active volcanoes and enjoy the sensual luxury, golden beaches, and multicolored waters. There is Bali, with its idyllic resorts, and Sumba, its more sedate cousin, with its wild horses and surfing spots. Various national parks dot the nation, offering glimpses into Indonesia’s untamed wildlife and Jakarta’s outdoor eating scene for those who want to experience city life.

1 rupee = 185.01 rupiah

  1. Cambodia

The Mekong River supplies water to Cambodia, which is bordered by gorgeous beaches and home to numerous imposing religious structures. In the summer, the sun rises directly behind the central tower of Angkor Wat, one of the biggest temples in the world. You may also ride on bamboo trains in Battambang, walk with elephants here, and see an artistic circus without animals at Phare Ponleu Selpak.

1 rupee = 49.32 riel

  1. Sri Lanka

Fresh spices, antiques, and apparel are all readily available on the streets of Sri Lanka, and many of these items may appear more affordable to an Indian traveler. However, the nation offers more than shopping, including mouthwatering cuisine, endless beaches, and stunning ruins. While here, explore the colonial landmarks in Colombo, ancient temples, and the peaks.

1 rupee = 4.34 Sri Lankan rupee