Offering flexible fulfillment and payment alternatives through Square Online enables business owners to service clients when, when, and how they like, creating additional revenue streams.

In addition to these fundamental online ordering experiences, Square Online’s most recent updates enable you to broaden your consumer base and draw in new clients while providing devoted customers with exciting new services that will keep them coming back.

Learn how to make the most of the new customer acquisition and retention capabilities from Square Online listed below to increase the volume of online orders.

Order with Google

You can drive more pickup and delivery orders with Google’s seamless integration into Square Online. Once you’ve claimed your Google establishment Profile, an Order Online button will instantly display on your listing in Google Search and Maps, leading clients to your ordering page if you run a food and beverage establishment that offers pickup or delivery through Square Online. To maximize online orders without paying exorbitant marketplace fees, don’t forget to designate Square Online as your preferred pickup and delivery connection.

Facebook Food Ordering

Square Online also allowed you to add “Order Food” buttons to your profiles and tales this year by integrating with Facebook and Instagram. Through this interface, you may reach more clients on social media who are active and looking for new restaurants.

You own the customer connection when orders are placed on your Square Online ordering page instead of a third-party marketplace, and you can run targeted marketing efforts to entice repeat business.

New campaign options in Square Marketing

Square Marketing has new automation to help you drive more online orders for marketing campaigns. Customers who have abandoned their carts are reminded to complete their orders, and purchase reminder automation encourages repeat business with your company to foster client loyalty.

Start a free trial of Square Marketing if you haven’t already to see the expansion that email and text message marketing can bring to your company.

Customer accounts and personalized onsite experiences

For a more customized experience, sellers with paid Square Online subscriptions can now let customers register for accounts and log in on their websites. Customers can manage their payment and fulfillment settings from their accounts for quicker checkout and a more tailored experience the following time they visit the website.

Open a customized screen to see previous orders, suggested items, special deals, and reward and loyalty status. Reorder rates are 46% higher than average for sellers who use accounts and customized order screens.

Square Pro Shop for print materials

The Square Online team is dedicated to assisting merchants with digital and print marketing strategies to increase online and internal orders. With Square ProShop, you can order print products from our dependable partners, ensuring that you always get the best value for the highest quality, such as stickers and inserts for pickup and delivery bags and window clings.

Include a QR link directing customers to your online ordering website on print materials to increase client awareness and promote recurring purchases.

View suggested marketing strategies on your Square Online dashboard.

Finally, if your food and beverage business has received over five online orders, you can explore suggested marketing plans from your Square Online overview page. Recommendations address all the topics discussed in this post and cover site exposure, customer engagement, and customer retention so you can apply tactics quickly.