Vietnam has much to offer tourists, from the breathtaking views of Sam Mountain and Ha Long Bay to the man-made artistry of the revered temples and pagodas to the rice terraces and beaches. There is no doubt that traveling in Vietnam on a budget is an experience full of scenic landscapes, bustling cities, and delectable cuisine.

This Vietnam travel guide for a tight budget can assist you in organizing your trip, avoiding frequent pitfalls, and making the most of your time there.

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Vietnam

  1. Tour the Mekong Delta

The delta often referred to as the Nine Dragon River Delta, is a 60,000 km (37,000 km) long network of interconnecting waterways that straddles three provinces in Vietnam. Since the fourth century BCE, mankind has used it, which is crucial for agriculture. This area is rich in wildlife, with over 1,000 species calling it home. Little villages, pagodas, mangroves, and orchards are throughout the place. Going on a boat or bike excursion is the greatest way to see the region and experience rural Vietnamese culture.

Over a trip to the delta, you will cruise historic temples, shop for fresh fruit and see small boats called “floating markets,” explore the wild and overgrown jungle, and eat great local food. You can spend a few days genuinely getting to know the area away from the bustle of the cities. River day tours begin at about 575,000 VND per person.

  1. Wander Hanoi

The capital of the former country of Au Lac, now known as Vietnam, was there in the third century BCE. See the various temples and galleries, the history museum, and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum while exploring the Old Quarter’s winding lanes. The city is packed with old French colonial buildings, historic Vietnamese sites, temples, and other places of worship. Due to its initiatives to advance equality, education, and environmental conservation, it was designated a UNESCO “City for Peace” in 1999. A good starting point for multi-day trips to Ha Long Bay is Hanoi. Embrace the bustling, chaotic nature of the city!

  1. Explore Ha Long Bay

In the emerald green seas of Ha Long Bay, one of the most well-liked tourist sites in the nation, are more than 3,000 islands. Jade jewels that the dragons spat forth turned into islands that defended the mainland from intruders. The area covers 370,000 acres and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rich jungles are present on the islands. The hiking on Cat Ba Island is excellent, and many visitors go on a cave tour. Most tours here last three to five days and depart from Hanoi. Please be aware that the harbor can get very crowded!

  1. Hang out in Hoi An

Historic buildings and cute eateries abound in Hoi An. It was a prosperous port city between the 15th and 19th centuries, and the architecture is remarkably well-preserved (the entire Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It’s little and ideal for strolling, shopping for suits (there is a sizable fashion and tailor market), dining, and lounging by the river. A Bang and Cui Dai, two of Vietnam’s most beautiful white sand beaches, are located in Hoi An. If you visit Hoi An, you can participate in activities related to history, culture, gastronomy, nightlife, nature, or shopping. Easily, it was my favorite location in Vietnam.

  1. Get adventurous in Sapa

The best trekking region in northern Vietnam is here, and many tourists adore it. The hill tribes, rich foliage, lovely hiking trails, and majestic mountains that makeup Sapa are well known. This is the spot to go if you want to enjoy the beauty and outdoor activities Vietnam offers. For the most breathtaking vistas, climb Mount Fansipan, often known as the Roof of Indochina. After that, unwind with a special herbal bath that the Red Dao people enjoy for its therapeutic properties. It’s a great location for camping, hiking, biking, and exploring. Come during the off-season or go on longer walks to areas where the people don’t congregate to avoid the tourists.