Unusual stag does and weekend ideas. From crazy zorbing to adrenalin pumping Bear Gryll’s style outdoor activities. Top ideas for fantastic stag weekends.

The stag do. It’s tricky to get right; one false move and you’re tied to a lamppost. Or worse, the last days of marital freedom get spent down the same old pub, warm beer in hand. So there has to be a safely exciting, wildly sensible alternative, right?

If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at some of these stag weekend alternatives bound to get those creative stag night cogs a-turning.

Zorbing: the transport of the future

It may sound like something from Flash Gordon, but zorbing involves rolling around the countryside in a giant spherical plastic ball and still communicating strangely? Possibly, but that hasn’t stopped it from turning into a 21st-century craze. The zorbing orbs are often built for more than one person – perfect for splitting up a stag party into teams and taking a quick bet on who can get down that hill the fastest.

Word of warning: If one group suffers from travel sickness, it’s probably best they sit this one out!

Gorge scrambling: Fancy yourself Bear Grylls’ carbon copy, but only have suburban monotony to test your skills on?

Never fear; take any stag party to the limits with the gorge scrambling. Dive over rock faces, take a leap of faith into a plunge pool, and most importantly, show the rest of the boys precisely what you’re made of – all under the safe supervision of an expert.

Split your sides at a Comedy Club

If laughter is the best medicine, piling into a comedy club with your mates will leave you overdosing on the stuff. Choose the club sure to get your do warmed up and line your stomachs with an often inclusive meal. With comedy clubs in cities from Amsterdam to Birmingham, you could always sample the varied nightlife afterward.

Some companies like Chillisauce even offer to arrange the whole stag weekend for you. So you avoid the bother. They often have the option of choosing advantageous activity package deals too.

Off-road driving

Fancy an adrenalin kick without getting your own hands dirty? Take a 4×4 plummeting around an all-terrain course and let those massive mud flaps take care of all the mess. It’s a fantastic experience for anyone who’s wanted to put their driving skills to the test and probably a lot safer than attempting break-neck Formula 1 style racing around a track. Let’s face it, the idea of mounting rugged hills and traversing through puddles the size of a small lake sound a heck of a lot more fun than any artificial flat track any day.

White water rafting

See the whites of your knuckles as you and your friends perform death-defying maneuvers across swirling masses of river rapids, and all of this is nothing but a flimsy pontoon. Ok, so the floats are nowhere near flimsy, and the rapids can be as ‘swirling’ or still as you like. In addition, individual rapid courses are available worldwide, from beginner’s choice to expert handling required.

River rapids promise adrenalin-fuelled mayhem to a slightly bumpy paddle downstream, depending on the location and course chosen. Manufactured rapids can be found from English city down south, Bristol, to the arguably more exotic Prague. For a real-life tour down a river, head to courses found in Dublin or Bulgaria’s Sofia for a once-in-a-lifetime rapid experience.

White water rafting will shake a shed load of adrenalin-fuelled good times into a stag weekend, leaving you with the rest of your night to compare notes on your [obviously] superior command of mother nature.

The name’s Bond, Casino Bond.

Try a stint at an upmarket casino if all that testosterone-fuelled sport’s got you exhausted. Bet what you can afford and maybe even win some money to spend on the next pit-stop of the night. If you choose to dress like your favorite Bond, hire a limo with your winnings to get you out of there in style. Catching the bus back in a bow tie may leave you pretty shaken, not much stirred.

Get those guns blazing.

Be it the stag do favorite paintballing or the not so conventional Airsoft courses. Make like Battle Royale and see who will be the last man standing. Airsoft bullets’ sort the men from the boys, and thanks to the realistic look of the Airsoft rifles, you won’t be judged too harshly if you do decide to, let’s say, don a red bandana and army combats.

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