Venice is a well-known city, and it is easy to see why. For ages, the renowned city has inspired delighted romantic declarations, and this trend is not set to end. During the summer, this place does get really busy. However, you can’t really criticize a large number of tourists for their behavior. The most beautiful city on a planet that is full of them, Venice is dream come true. So, here we are sharing some of the finest things to do in Venice, which will provide you with some helpful advice for avoiding the crowds and enjoying delicious meals while you get to know this city a little better.

  1. Grand Canal

The Grand Canal’s water buses can get extremely crowded during the busy season, especially during morning and evening rush hours. However, by traveling the Grand Canal at night, you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the stunning experience of seeing the ceiling frescoes and opulent chandeliers decorated in all the regal palaces.

Hiring a water taxi is another option for avoiding the crowds of tourists on the Grand Canal. Even champagne is served on some vessels. Although this luxury is more expensive than public transportation, it is a great choice if you’re traveling with a group and want to enjoy waterborne transportation (it is often cheaper than gondolas, too). Additionally, narrower, beautiful waterways make for simpler water taxi navigation. Additionally, since only your group onboard, you can stop as often as possible for pictures.

  1. Venice Biennale

The “Olympics of the art world” are held in Venice every two years, drawing visitors from all over the world, including artists, curators, purchasers, and critics. The Biennale is the ideal venue for viewing the best contemporary art and learning about what is happening in other countries. If you can’t make time for the art festival, the foundation that sponsors it also puts on several other cultural events, such as film and music festivals.

  1. San Sebastiano

Every year, millions of people stand in line outside San Marco to get a peek at the magnificently overdone basilica. Instead, why not make a trip to San Sebastiano Church, which houses some of Venetian Renaissance master Paolo Tiepolo’s most important works? The ceiling paintings by Tiepolo were recently restored. Much of the church has been repaired and restored for more than ten years by Save Venice Inc., the nonprofit organization in charge of restoring numerous works of Venetian art and architecture throughout the city.

  1. Carnevale Festival

More than three million people dress up in masquerade costumes for the city’s annual Carnival, which takes place every February and lasts till the break of dawn. What differentiates this party? It’s from the Renaissance period. Theatrical attire Venetians wore included gilded white masks, black capes, ball gowns, and feathered caps. It’s a breathtaking sight to behold.

  1. Lido Island

Every September, when the Venice Film Festival comes to town, the Hotel Riviera on Lido Island becomes the go-to location for stargazing. But don’t postpone your visit to this breathtaking place till the beginning of October. Lord Byron, Thomas Mann, and Ernest Hemingway are some famous authors who have been at the hotel, which also boasts an impressive literary past that includes the author of “Death in Venice,” Thomas Mann. You can enjoy lying down on the idyllic beach.