The summer is the time to pay attention to comfort, including in your footwear. But does it mean skipping out on a trendy look for the office, a night out, or a long-awaited trip? There is nothing more wrong! We recommend summer footwear for men and women that will be the ideal blend of wearing comfort and fashionable appearance!


It is wise to base your decision on practical factors while selecting summer footwear.

We need shoes for hot days to stay comfortable while engaging in numerous summer activities. Its construction should avoid rubbing the skin or making the feet too hot. For this use, natural material models from Wojas make the best summer shoes for men or women.

Shoes for the summer should be as light as possible.

Avoid wearing closed-toed shoes whenever possible. They do not let air through as well while being incredibly comfortable. The high temperatures in the area also cause more sweating on the foot, which provides ideal conditions for the growth of dangerous germs.

Summer footwear needs to be as comfortable as possible for prolonged walking.

It is recommended to put on flat-soled footwear. It is also important to pay attention to the proper fastenings; they should be suitably wide and sturdy for safety purposes. Sandals with skinny straps stabilize the foot, making it simpler for the ankle to twist when wearing them.

Both men’s and women’s open sandals and flip-flops provide excellent summer footwear options. 

You can exactly match the footwear to the event and personal tastes thanks to the variety of available models.


It’s a hot day outside, and you’re thinking about what to wear to work to look stylish and feel comfortable simultaneously. Invest in breathable, comfortable sandals for women’s summer footwear form Wojas that show the foot. If your place of employment permits it, feel free to pair your professional attire with stylish shoes with this cut. Women’s leather sandals with a flat sole are a terrific alternative to uncomfortable high heels, and they go well with floral-patterned summer outfits. They will also look intriguing when worn with a suit or jumpsuit for women. 

Classic sandal espadrilles with a secure closure around the ankle will look excellent with skirts and breezy shirts. This design of summer shoes for women makes it easy to stretch the physique visually without losing comfort. Massive platform sandals can be worn with fitting midi skirts and tube bottoms to get a similar impression. The cut that follows current fashion trends is worth pairing with.

Fans of sports fashion can place a wager on high-soled sandals that draw inspiration from ultra-chic sneakers; summer shoes in black and white will look stunning with a complete outfit.


In addition to well-known and well-liked sandals, flip-flops are the must-have summer footwear for women. Every fashion enthusiast looking for the ideal shoes for hot days will be delighted by the variety of styles. Wojas offer women’s leather slippers made of premium grain leather and are ideal for going out with friends or taking a stroll in the park. Particularly when wearing a long dress with an airy style, they will look stunning. 

Practical flip-flops with a thick sole are another fascinating option; summer shoes with this cut are great for heading to a restaurant. Among the trendy flip-flops, you can find unique styles with a cork sole, one thick strap, and two quilted straps that cross over one another. Rubber slippers are ideal for a summer excursion to the beach since they include one or two wide adjustable straps that let you customize the fit to your foot. The contoured insole makes wearing shoes comfortable all day long.


Men do not have to sacrifice elegant comfort throughout the hot summer days. Men’s summer shoes are made with them in mind and may be found in our selection. Examples include classy grain leather sandals with fascinating straps crossing in the front and a striking logo feature. With linen shorts or pants and an unbuttoned shirt with short sleeves, shoes with this cut will go excellent with casual styling. Leather flip-flops, which skillfully blend style and freedom for men, will also come in handy on vacation.

Those who enjoy hiking in the mountains should have a pair of waterproof sandals with sturdy soles and tread in their wardrobe. The iconic Relaks shoes in the summer edition had to be included in our selection of men’s shoes; these light rubber flip-flops are ideal for trips to the beach or the pool.

Make the appropriate summer footwear selections to get ready for sunny days. Summer shoes for men and women are available in the Wojas collection in various designs and hues. View our offering!