Going single to a destination wedding can be very daunting. How to make the most of it.

Going dateless to a friend’s wedding is generally no big deal. One harmless evening spent at the singles table eating a good meal and listening to corny speeches is usually tolerable.

Flying solo at a resort for a destination wedding is quite another story.

Seven dateless days- and nights- in Mexico? 

It’s a frightening concept. Occasionally, though, you must bite the bullet and make the most of it for the sake of your friends. This is how:

Plan ahead

1. Unless you enjoy alone time, try to find someone to share a room with. It will be much cheaper, and you will have an automatic partner-in-crime to hang out with. If none of your friends are going solo or are already sharing with others, talk to the bride and groom and see if they can suggest another guest who might be in the same situation as you.

2. Fish around for a reasonable price. The group booking with the wedding package will not always be the best deal. Check discount websites and with the hotel itself.

3. Do some research. Find out what activities are available nearby or at the resort that you can do by yourself or with other guests. For example, consider booking a cultural tour, hopping on a bus, or renting snorkel gear.

When you arrive

4. Greetings to everybody. If there is a welcome reception, make sure you get acquainted with as many wedding guests as possible, whether it’s the old aunt with the lousy make-up or the twelve-year-old pimply cousin. You’ll be happy you did when you later find yourself alone at the dessert table, scanning the room for a familiar face.

5. Go outside your comfort zone and carry yourself with confidence. Even if you feel insecure, there is a good chance that nobody has noticed. So challenge yourself to be just a touch more social than usual.

6. Befriend other singles. Although couples are generally happy to hang out with others, you don’t want to feel like a third wheel. Besides, singles have more fun …

During the week

7. Participate in all the organized wedding activities. Play the silly games, go golfing and wear your happy face for group meals. The bride and groom will appreciate it, and you will have the opportunity to get to know the other guests better.

8. Make meal dates with other guests. Dinners often roll into evening socializing and next-day activity-planning.

9. Don’t be afraid of alone time; you will inevitably have some. Please take advantage of it by bringing lots of books and a journal or practicing meditation.

10. Go with the flow. When in Rome, Mexico or Greece … Relax. You’re on vacation. Although this week is all about the bride and groom, they want you to have fun too, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s not so bad…

Even if you don’t have the best week of your life, the couple will appreciate your attendance at the wedding. Plus, all your friends will be talking about this vacation for the next ten years, so think carefully before you opt-out on a friend’s special week just because you don’t have a date.

Also, consider what your friends can do for your wedding…